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Only a few things to note - I've added an Instagram account, as another way to get my work out there...and probably as yet another way to put off overhauling this website. I'm still busy making things, and I'm even taking custom orders.

It's been quite a while since the last update, so here's a quick one. There's plenty of work happening around here - some illustration work for t-shirt designs, a large and challenging order for a local hotel, and I've got a book cover illustration in progress. I'm adding some more items to my Etsy store, and I've been fine-tuning patterns and adjusting prices to be more realistic. There's a website overhaul that is way overdue, so in the meantime the most up to date source of news is my blog.

If you're looking to place an order, send me an email with the details and I'll let you know if I can take it on or not. I'm typically in the middle of multiple projects at any given time, and this all happens when I'm not at my job, so be advised that work on new projects will happen when I can get to it.

As of today, I will no longer be taking orders for work. My waiting list has gotten to an unreasonable length, considering that I only have nights and weekends to dedicate to it, and every little job that I take on just means that people in the queue have to wait that much longer. Also, I think I've been scaring potential clients off with the wait time, so it's time to focus just on working through the commissions that have been patiently waiting. Once I've worked through a good chunk of the waiting list, I'll start taking orders again.

In addition, I need to put all tooling-intensive projects on hold, which means belts, guitar straps, and anything that involves hours of tooling. I've managed to give my right elbow an overuse injury and it needs some time to recover, before I make it worse. I really hate to do this, because this means putting the majority of the waiting list on indefinite hold, but this should only be a temporary situation. There's plenty of drawing I can do in the meantime, and I'm still going to finish up anything where they've already paid or I have something to repair. This also gives me some time to fine-tune patterns, evaluate prices, and I'll still be working on jobs that aren't as likely to re-injure my elbow. In the meantime, there are plenty of items available in my Etsy store.

The Info page has been updated with some more current, accurate information and will hopefully provide useful information for potential customers. Also, there is plenty of new work to see, but you'll have to visit my blog to see it. It gets updated regularly and there are some projects that don't fit into a painting/leatherwork category.

I have a show of paintings currently at the Rio Rita, 1308 East 6th Street, Austin, TX. This pretty much emptied my house of artworks and includes some never before exhibited paintings, so if you get a chance come on by and see the art. The paintings will only be on exhibit till the end of the month, so catch it while you can!

Even though this site gets updated more and more infrequently, there is still a lot of activity - I just don't report it here. This version of the site is in need of a serious overhaul, and finding the time to do so gets harder and harder. For the time being, you can check in on my work by visiting my blog, which does get updated often.

It's been quite a while since the last update, but rest assured there has been plenty of leather work happening. I've added nineteen new items to the leather gallery, and that includes knife sheaths, a tampon case, a gun holster belt, a clutch purse, a ladies wallet, a guitar strap, a belt bag and a variety of wallets. Whew! I'm still working my way through the waiting list, slowly, and hope that no one feels forgotten. If you aren't sure, send me an email and touch base.

As of today, 9-8-2010, I will no longer be taking orders for work. My waiting list is getting out of control and it's not helping that I've been squeezing in small orders here and there. It has also come to my attention that some of my construction techniques are not as refined as they could be. Instead of trying to work on as many projects as possible, I am instead going to focus on the commissions in the queue and on cleaning up my work. Thanks for your understanding.

Once the waiting list is at a more reasonable length I'll resume taking commissions. In the meantime there are plenty of paintings available, and as always there is work for sale on my Etsy store.

Lots of new goodies for your hungry eyes this evening. One tooled leather case for 3x5 index cards based on Maori facial tattoos, one gorgon bifold, one exceptionally bad-ass wallet with both a gug and an owlbear tooled on the outside, and a briefcase for the portage of mixology implements. Also added are a couple of belts for the Tipsy Texan crew. They now have nearly identical, tooled leather belts featuring white edge braiding and a western floral/filligree motif interspersed with cocktail imagery, and both have a matching belt holster with a removable bottle opener. Last but not least is a leather wrist cuff that was a very successful collaboration - Jen Ritchie created a lovely chainmail piece and I created the leather cuff and mounted the chain on top of the tooling.

Two new wallets added to the Leather gallery today. Both are biker/trucker-style wallets, so they are fairly large with detachable chains and matching belt loops. One is tooled with possum and skull imagery, and the other features that all-time favorite of boys and girls everywhere, Baphomet. Both wallets are available and can be purchased here.

I've added a few new items to the Leather gallery this afternoon. One more version of a robot bifold wallet, another tentacle bracelet, a couple of belts with built-in bottle openers and another customized Curse Purse. Enjoy.

In other news, I've decided to get my blog up and rolling again, and will be using it to keep people more informed as to my work progress, what's complete, who's next in line for work and for posting photos of various other projects. The fact that it's all web-based will make it much easier for me to update it, and the intention is to update much more frequently.

A few new items for your perusal have been added to the Leather gallery. First is a new belt for myself, constructed from various scraps of elk hide and doe kidskin. One wide leather watchband with double straps, pre-distressed brass hardware and lined with olive green deerskin. A customized Curse Purse, to show off some of the possibilities of the white doe kidskin. One leather bifold that depicts retro-futuristic robots (available), and one bad-ass biker wallet. This particular wallet has been tooled with the image of the Great Old One himself, Cthulhu, and has been accented with antiqued brass hardware.

Also new is a change to the way I conduct my business. From this point forward, if you would like to get on the waiting list for custom work a deposit will be required. The amount will be approximately one third of the total price and will NOT be refundable, but will be taken from the final total. For example, if you order a $300 bag, $100 will be needed to put you on the list, then when the item is complete your bill will be $200. This is for a couple of reasons - to make absolutely sure that people are serious about ordering custom work and to cover the cost of materials if they change their mind once the work commences.

Four new leather goods for your viewing pleasure. One tough-as-nails dog collar for a Jack Russell terrier, one front pocket wallet, one tooled leather Moleskine notebook cover and a small belt pouch for a few essential tools. All are spoken for.

2 wallets for today, one of retro-futuristic robots and another depicting a shark battling penguins. Also added a pouch for a Motorola Droid cellphone, made from ostrich hide and lined with glazed pigskin. And to top things off, my newest venture - the Curse Purse. Thought up by my girlfriend and realized by myself, the Curse Purse is a tampon case that is available in two sizes, to accomodate those who prefer an applicator and those who don't. The outside is a pristine white doe kidskin, ultra-soft, and the interior is blood red. Currently there are five of the smaller size available, and 6 of the larger size. Email me to purchase.

Lots of updates for you, my loyal readers. 2 wallets, 2 phone cases, 2 gun holsters, 1 dog collar and a clutch purse. It's been a busy couple of months.

A few leather updates for your Saturday morning - a belt inspired by album artwork, a tooled leather wallet and one HUGE weekend bag with matching wristlet. This is probably the most elaborate bag I've sewn so far. It's got a tooled leather base and a stainless steel tooth carved from a butter knife for a zipper pull.

I'm in the process of moving from one side of town to the other, and setting up a new workspace, so emails may not be responded to immediately. But, I'll get to them once things settle down.

Oops, left out a couple of things from the last update. There were a couple of last minute, spur of the moment shows to add to the list and one more belt that I'd almost forgotten has been added to the Leather gallery.

A couple of updates for today - one tentacle bracelet and another belt for myself. The tooling was designed to go with a dragon buckle, so there are elements of this mythical creature mixed in with the filigree. This was also my first time to work with edge lacing, which was done in the spanish two loop style.

As sort of an experiment I finally opened my own Etsy store, which can be seen here. This is to see if there would be more interest in smaller leather goods which can be purchased right away, versus the full custom work that involves a long wait, which is what I've been doing for years. I'll still be doing the custom work and taking care of everyone on the waiting list, I'm just expanding my options.

I was contacted by one of the Lonestar Rollergirls (currently retired) about painting a plaster cast of one of the roller derby gals. As part of an event organized by the Keep A Breast foundation, this and multiple other casts would be painted by artists, auctioned off, and the proceeds would benefit breast cancer research. I took a mess of photos of the entire process, which can be seen here. If you want to bid on any of the casts, they'll be actioned off at the Cavello cup Chamionship bout October 10, 2009, at the Austin Convention Center. Doors at 6pm, tickets are $15.

Here is the updated waiting list. There are quite a few people that I've attempted to contact but never heard from. If you are one of those and are still interested, please get in touch with me.

People who are next but I'm waiting to hear from:
Ryan D. - tooled 3-ring binder
Vicki T. - tooled knee pads
Aaron - dog collar
Anthony - belt
Felix E. - 2 belts
Matt - belt
Dan W. - camera case
Jon or Suki R. - large painting
Brad W. - leather wrap for machete handle
Brian - messenger/laptop bag
Missy E. - belt and wallet
Roger C. - bifold wallet

The rest of the waiting list:
Dan W. - camera case
Chill P. - painting
Megan E. - weekend bag
Robbie C. - logo and guitar strap
Billy H. - leather diaper bag
Jay - belt
Cameron - belt
Bryan C. - guitar strap
Jon L. - H.P. Lovecraft belt
Alicia S. - guitar strap
Paul - belt with integrated bottle opener
Angel O. - belt
Frank M. - Iphone case
Tim B. - tooled leather bifold wallet.

There's been a trend developing lately in my world of commissions, that when I contact an individual who's been on the waiting list for work....they never get back in touch with me. Granted, these are tough times for many folks, and quite likely it's been a number of months between the initial idea and when I actually get to their turn, but it's happened enough times that it has become worrisome. Did they change their mind? Did they get fed up with waiting? Or did they even get the email I sent? I have no way of knowing, so please, send me a response, even if it's just to say 'hell no, you took too long to get to my commission.' If your money is better spent elsewhere that is perfectly understandable, I just want to know that my communications are getting through....and that you fine folks are still alive and kicking.

In somewhat related news, there will likely be some changes to how my business is conducted. I may implement a deposit system to get on the waiting list, to help weed out the less-than-serious individuals. I'm also in the process of building an inventory of smaller, non-custom items that may be more interesting to potential customers. Right now I've been focusing on simple, front pocket wallets, much like the one I currently use. There will likely be some belts too, and possibly some clutch purses or smaller handbags. The plan is to set up an Etsy store once I've got some more inventory, but maybe I could sell it through this site. Opinions, comments, feedback? Send me an email and let me know what you think.

There hasn't been any painting this year, and won't be until I'm through with this little break from it. It was starting to feel stale and kind of tedious, so I felt a break was in order so as to not burn out. Once I figure out a plan of attack painting will be revisited, but not right now.

One new belt, a checkbook cover and a holster for a .22 pistol. All are spoken for.

Two tooled belts, one multitool sheath and a utility belt with an eye towards biking and beer for your viewing pleasure today. All are spoken for. Also added my Facebook link and another exhibition to the list. In other news, I'm slowly but surely moving through the waiting list. I did take a rather large chunk of time to build a new workbench, but it's complete and ready for use. So rest assured, none of you have been forgotten.

One new painting today. It's available, just in case the head of a grumpy gorgon would be the perfect gift for that special someone.

I have a few pieces of leatherwork available if anyone is interested, 3 belts and a simple wallet. The belts can be seen here, here and here. The wallet can be seen here.

One new painting for today of my friend Ellen Tanner and her dogs, who happens to be a fantastic painter. Unfortunately she doesn't have a proper gallery site or I could link it here.

One new painting added today, this was from a modelling session for a previous painting and is based on one of the photos that didn't get used.

The update for today is three belts and a large, floppy purse. This particular purse was pretty much designed by Megan Emery and is the most feminine bag I've made so far. And exotic too, with stingray skin accents.

I'm slowly but surely making my way through the waiting list, and as I haven't talked to some of you in quite a while here is an update, so no one feels like they have been forgotten.

People who are next but I'm waiting to hear from:
Ryan D. - tooled 3-ring binder
Vicki T. - tooled knee pads
Aaron - dog collar
Anthony - belt
Felix E. - 2 belts

The rest of the waiting list:
Matt - belt
Derek - belt
Dan W. - camera case
Chill P. - painting (not sure if you are still interested, contact me!)
Jon R. - large painting
Mason O. - leather toe clip adaptor
Tom W. - wallet
Amber - belt
Tim K. - straps for accordion
Jon P. - coin purse
Brad A. - leather wrap for machete handle
Brian - messenger/laptop bag

If I'm waiting to hear from you please shoot me an email so I'll know you are still interested, even if it's just to say that you need to wait for whatever reason.

Added two small leather projects, a coin/card pouch and my new camera case. Also, it has come to my attention that there are some issues when it comes to getting a size for a belt. A person's waist/hip diameter is rarely the same thing as the size given by their pants, their belt, what they think it should be, what it will be after joining the gym...so in the interest of saving everyone involved some time and effort I posted a photo which should illustrate exactly the measurement I need. The length, in inches, around a potential client's lower torso, WITH clothes on AND at the spot on their body where it will be worn. Just one number.

Added some pics of my new handlebar bag today. I've done one of these for myself before but version 2 is quite a bit larger and has some extra attachment points to keep it from flopping around. There are a number of bicycle handlebar bags available these days but I think a couple of things make mine unique. It's handstitched leather, some of which is tooled with eyeballs and skeleton keys. Instead of a flap closure for the main compartment there is a zipper, which allows for the next thing - a handle.

Make plans for "Alter-Ego" this weekend, a group showing of artworks and our hidden selves. The festivities are Saturday and Sunday May 10th and 11th, 2pm to dusk at Gallery DV8. The gallery is located at 2300 E. 16th, Austin TX 78702, corner of 16th and Chestnut. Oh, and it's also a costume party, so if you would like to partake of the free beer better arrive dressed as your alter ego. Or as one of them, if multiples are available. I'll be in attendance Saturday, contact me if you want to meet up.

Also added a picture of the painting that was created for this show.

An update for today consisting of the following - one tooled belt, another semi-tooled purse, one belt loop keychain holder and a sheath for the Atwood bike tool, which I was extremely grateful to receive as a Valentine's Day gift.

A small update today, one belt and two tooled wallets. The wallets are very thin and simple, one pocket only, for those who like to keep their wallet situation minimal.

Quite a bit of new work today, most of it leather but also one painting, which was a wedding present for friends of mine. Four new belts, a tool roll for hand bookbinding tools, a purse, a cycling-specific hip bag and one belt/hip bag combination. And once again, all of the new work is gone to its respective owners, as it was all commissions or gifts. Oh, and updated the exhibit list.

Lots of new leather goods today, unfortunately none of them are available. A wallet, book, machete sheath, satchel and hatchet sheath were added to the leather gallery, and each features some amount of tooling. Also, I won't be accepting any more orders for a yet-to-be determined amount of time, as I've got plenty of work to keep me occupied. Plus, with Xmas approaching sooner than I'd like to think about, it would be sometime next year before I could get to any new orders. Everyone on the waiting list is still going to be taken care of, it is just new orders that won't be accepted right now.

One belt has been added to the leather section. Also, please show your support for pirates and deep-sea beasties by attending the opening reception for "Radical Nautical" this Thursday. Gallery Lombardi is putting on a group exhibition with the theme of the deep blue sea and its associated lore. There are a lot of artists involved in this exhibit and from what I've seen so far a lot of the artwork is quite excellent and fun. The reception is from 7pm to 10pm, this Thursday August the 2nd, and those of you who've attended previous receptions at Gallery Lombardi know that they throw a good shindig. There will be bands, refreshments and possible wacky hyjinks.

It's been a busy month, and as a result I've added a painting, a belt and two wallets to the site today. Also added a link to the Austin chapter of Dr. Sketchy Anti-Art School, and if you haven't heard about this yet you should look it up. Life drawing sessions in a relaxed bar setting with burlesque girls as the models, how could you go wrong? I've been three times so far and it's been a lot of fun, and seeing as I rarely get to draw from life it's also a good exercise.

I'm in the process of starting a new painting, and am documenting the progress at my much-neglected blog. Feel free to check it out periodically, it's for a group show which has a deadline at the end of this month so it needs to be completed fairly soon. I've only just transferred the drawing to the canvas so there is only about 3 weeks of painting after work and on weekends available to me. Can it be done? Of course.

One new belt added to the leather section today. Also updated the list of exhibitions with the Intersex show. Which was a lot of fun, everytime I've participated in a show at Gallery DV8 the atmosphere has been relaxed and low-key, encouraging people to stick around and examine the artwork.

One new wallet (my own) and one new belt were added to the leather gallery. Enjoy. Oh, and don't forget to swing by the Intersex show this weekend, if you are in the area.

You are invited to show your support for the arts and gender ambiguity by attending "Intersex," a group showing of artwork at Gallery DV8. The theme for this show is Intersexuality (more info here), and the exhibition will be May 12-13 during the day. Gallery DV8 is located at 2300 E. 16th, Austin TX 78702.

The list of commissions is steadily growing, but I'm not getting significantly faster at cranking out the work. Working full-time at an unrelated day job probably does not help with this endeavor. So, if you are on the waiting list please be assured, you have not been forgotten, it will just take me a while to get to your order. Painting, leatherworking and the like is accomplished in my spare time, and as a result takes much longer than if this were my only job. Rest assured, each and every one of these commissions, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated, and I will get to all of them. Eventually.

Also, the leather gallery has been renovated, this should bring some consistency to the site.

The gallery has been significantly altered, hopefully this will be an improvement. Also, if your name is Aaron or Anthony, and you used to work at Diablo Rojo, shoot me an email. I still have you on the list for commissions, but don't know how to get in touch with either of you.

You are cordially urged to not attend the Intersex show this weekend....due to technical difficulties the dates for the show had to be rescheduled. Fear not, it will still happen, just not this weekend. Further details and dates will be posted when I get them.

You are invited to show your support for the arts and gender ambiguity by attending "Intersex," a group showing of artwork at Gallery DV8. The theme for this show is Intersexuality (more info here), and the exhibition will be March 10-11 during the day. Gallery DV8 is located at 2300 E. 16th, Austin TX 78702.

Some changes were made to the links page, as I've added some other sites that can be used to contact me or view my work. Also updated the list of exhibitions. This site is in serious need of an overhaul, so for the time being I've been adding any new work to my Flickr account.

You are cordially invited to attend a group art show at Gallery DV8, consisting of over twenty different artists (including myself.) The show is part of the East Austin Studio Tour, currently in its fourth year of existence, with 86 studios participating. Gallery DV8's exhibit last year was voted one of the top ten art installations of 2005, and this year promises to be just as exciting. This show, and all of the E.A.S.T. studio exhibits, runs from Saturday November 18th to Sunday November 19th, 10am to 5pm. Gallery DV8 is located at 2300 E. 16th, Austin TX 78702. For more information check out the East Austin Studio Tour, or Gallery DV8.

One new painting for the gallery today, and if seeing the painting process is something that strikes your fancy you should take a trip here. This is the home of my new blog. Some of you may remember the old one, I know I do, and I also remember that it was never really that interesting. This new blog may prove to be dull also, but it is a space where I can document art-related activities without worrying about whether or not the site still looks like a professional portfolio.

Also added six new leather projects, five tooled belts and one tooled camera case. The case was quite a unique commission as it was created to house a wood and brass camera, and also marks the first time that I've made a tooled leather bag.

Eight new paintings for your viewing pleasure have been added today...although only four of them are new to this site. The others were lost in the great hard drive failure of early '06, and have since been restored to their rightful place in this portfolio.

After an extended absence the site is back online, although not without some problems...hopefully these will be corrected in the next couple of days. There was a data loss and the most up-to-date version of this site disappeared, then there was a server change, then work needed to be rephotographed....but you don't need to hear all the boring details. For the time being, here is a temporary site with a selection of the most current work, all of which will eventually migrate to its rightful home, here.

**Update** Everything has been fixed, and is now slightly more current as I've added some shows to the exhibition list. More to come in the next few days.

Two new paintings were added to the gallery today. Also added a new section of some of the better tattoos done during my brief time as a tattoo apprentice, it is under the "misc" section.

Two new leather bags added to the leather section, one is a toolbag that will strap to any bicycle saddle and holds more tools that I'll possibly ever need, and the other is a shoulder bag that straps to the handlebars. I ride a bike as my main mode of transportation but hate having a bag stuck to my back after getting all sweaty, so I've been experimenting with various types of baggage that could be mounted on my bike. These two are the first ones that work for me, as they hold everything I usually carry and are versatile enough to hold more if needed. The leather gallery has also been thinned out, there were over a hundred photos in fourteen galleries......too much bulk. Oh, and one new painting was added.

One painting has been added to the gallery, and as you may have noticed a lot of the painting galleries are gone. This site was getting a little bulky, so it's time to cut out some of the fat and filler. The same thing will be happening soon with the leather galleries and also the random photos, and I'll probably add a small gallery of the better tattoos I did in my brief career as an apprentice.

There has been a major change in my career plans, or maybe it would be more precise to say that there was going to be a change, but it didn't work out and now it is back to the original plan. Either way, the tattoo apprenticeship was put to an end, I simply couldn't afford to dedicate that much time to something that wouldn't make money for me to survive for so long. When this idea first came up I decided against it as it seemed like a major step sideways, away from painting. Later I changed my mind and thought it would be feasible to do both, but I was wrong. The guys at the shop have been very understanding about this decision, and have even been able to help me out, and that is greatly appreciated. So if I've practiced on any of you and it turns out that the tattoo needs a touch-up, stop by and see Doug, as I've already sold my machines.

Now that I'm not at the shop, there has been more time to paint, so there are five new paintings added to the gallery. All of them were xmas presents so all are spoken for.